Fancy an urban stroll? Pretty Streets calculates the best itineraries for city explorers on the look-out for beautiful walks

Our ambition: provide a map of the most beautiful areas in cities, as well as the first route planner in the world which optimizes your itinerary to suggest not the shortest, but the most enjoyable path to your destination. Pretty Streets gives you the keys to unlock the city’s best-kept secrets.
App available on iOS and Android.

In an unknown city, or simply in a new area, you might already have wondered: ‘where are the pretty spots?’

The starting point of the project was the observation by Fabrice and Benoît, its creators, that there was, up to now, no easy or quick way to find an answer to that question. For the first time ever, Pretty Streets thus offers you the solution – for free –, as if a friend who knows your tastes and mood had highlighted a city map to show you the prettiest areas to take a stroll.

Several options are available to you: you can use the highlighted map for orientation, or you can ask the app for a full itinerary.

Indicate how much time you have: the itinerary adjusts itself

This is not about a few pre-determined walking itineraries, but about transforming any of your itineraries in a delightful stroll.

Pretty Streets revolutionizes the way we walk cities by introducing two breakthrough innovations:
  • The capacity to suggest a looping itinerary adapted to the time you have, the moment you ask for it.
  • The possibility to turn a simple itinerary from A to B into a real walking tour.
The map of beautiful places: the combination of an advanced technology and of the community’s contributions

To build the ‘map of the most beautiful places in the world’, Pretty Streets relies on an innovative technology, developed by former and current students of the EPITA school of computer science and information technology. The algorithm of the ‘pretty streets finder’ analyses and syntheses as many geo-located urban data as possible (city maps, geo-located pictures, shops, monuments, paved or leafy streets, terraces, road traffic…), ‘understands’ them and turns them into relevant data for city walkers.

The pretty streets highlighter thus emphasizes the streets that attract amateur photographers, or streets which are lined with café terraces, well-ranked shops of monuments.

Pretty Streets users can also enrich the map by indicating their own favorite places, by ‘manually’ highlighting a pretty street, a monument or a secret place that do not appear on the map, or simply by ranking an already-existing spot.

First, Paris, New York, Montreal, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Dublin, and soon… the world!

Pretty Streets’ ambition is to cover the entire world! It is currently available in 6 cities, including Paris, and a new city will be added to the App on a weekly basis. You will soon have the opportunity to vote for the next city on Pretty Streets’ Facebook page!

… And in Paris, over 60 audio stories, for free

Pretty Streets’ creators are crazy about historical anecdotes, and have also compiled over 60 true stories to spice up your city walk. The stories, easily identified thanks to the audio sign on the map, are available for free for the Paris lovers who will download the App this summer. Among those stories, you will discover a fake countess serial killer, the first ever recorded car attack, the burning of several Knights Templar on the stake, the liberation of Paris… Enough to turn your strolls into real adventures!


We are 2 co-founders, Fabrice and Benoît, with a will to change the world of city walkers everywhere.
We love to find beautiful places to go walk, and we don't always find it easy.
So we wanted to offer a global map of all beautiful places, and an easy way for all to have the best walk.

We're working on our own magic to make it possible, and we'd like to get feedbacks from strollers everywhere. Drop us a line!


Fabrice Gibelin


Loves travelling. Loves walking. And creating stuff! Fifteen years experience in Web and Mobile, but needs to relearn everyday.


Benoît Germond

Co-founder / Coder Strider

CTO but complete closet geek. Likes travelling, sports, challenges and techno.