+6, in a single day!

A big thank you to EPITA computer engineers

Today we have pitched in front of EPITA last year student groups for 2 topics, on which they could help us as part of their “End of studies company projects”.

We have been fortunate enough to get selected by two groups (out of the 40 companies who had applied, only 7 got selected). The topics these young & smart engineers will help us out on are:

- Android Wear: we believe smartwatches can be the perfect tool to help on a stroll.
- Advanced Algorithms: the challenges we have around itineraries and determining where the pretty streets are, are not trivial. 3 bright young students will help us out there too.

So welcome to Célia, Coline, Thomas, Chahine, Nicolas and Julien. The ‘Pretty Team’ is building up! Great day for us!