Yahoo!, or not Yahoo?

Yahoo chooses the bright side

Yahoo just talked about an initiative similar to ours. We read their paper with great interest. A bit of an anxious feeling too thinking “if Yahoo does it full force, do we still have a chance?”.

After reading their article, we still think we do.

A- they either go for a manual, human based photo/streetview rating system

B- or they go for Flickr photos with apparently no handling of false positives, and with a semantic system we have some doubts about (in our experience people comment mostly the beauty/quality of the photo, not of the place which is photographed. In the right light, with the right kind of talent, a horrible walking place will be hailed as a magnificent picture, resulting in a “pretty place” with this system).

But overall we wholeheartedly agree on the approach, and hopefully who knows, we can exchange at some point in the future.