Live from Paris!

Discover all the pretty streets from Paris

For now, our Pretty Streets finder technology is not ready yet, so to test our itinerary algorithm, we have built the map of Paris Pretty Places manually. Think of this as the knowledgeable someone using a highlighter pen over a map, to point out where you should go walk in priority.

This took us about 9 days (thanks Alberto Ayala and to my friend Michel for the great help), gathering our souvenirs, reading guides, checking blogs, but we think that someone like a guide knowing his city inside out could probably go 3 times faster.

This doesn’t question the relevance of building a scalable Pretty Streets Finder, because we want to go global fast, but it was still an interesting experience, mapping out our hometown.

And to see the beautiful itinerary go live (ok, with a loooot of bugs) is still a very exciting step.