Seed loan from the BPI

Money to build great stuff

This is a huge step for us. The BPI (French Public Investment Bank) has granted us a loan of around €130K to launch Pretty Streets.

This allows us to secure our technical resources, which is crucial for us to be able to launch a ‘good’ product by spring. The countdown for our launch has started, but it became possible only thanks to the BPI. So again, our gratitude to that French institution, where good stuff can happen for entrepreneurs, full of ideas but slightly on the broke side...

We also want to thank everyone who helped with their insights in the past few months, including our Talent du Numérique mentors.

We also want to thank Maurice Gopikian and Jean-Patrice Anciaux from Paris Business Angels, and the Femmes Business Angels network, for their very useful feedbacks on our project.

And now, let's get to work.