How the h*** does this work?

  • by Fabrice Gibelin
  • September 01, 2014

Confusing User Experience kills the swag

Let’s be honest, so far our user experience is poor (had to fight not to use a S word).

But like really.

We can’t even bother to use it. It’s just too slow, and techie confusing.

Beyond the technical issues, it seems that it just doesn’t solve the problem of finding the prettiest itinerary, because people don’t understand the app, and the itinerary is not engaging enough: people do not even believe it’s going to be good.

So back to basics. We’ll run ongoingly a new series of user interviews from all origins, trying to match the main personas (user types) we identified or discover new ones.

We’ll try some new mockups too. Let's become crystal clear!