The baby stroller conundrum

walk, cycle, wheels? About soft mobility...

Several people suggested that we should adapt our stroll itinerary technology so that it can fit other, mobility-related needs. This ranges from bicycles, baby strollers, to wheelchairs.

Aside from our generic answer, which is “let's get one thing well done first”, I’m giving this some thoughts.

On the wheelchair suggestion, which seems the most complex to us (need to know the height of sideways, the slope, etc) we have been talking with Claude Dumas from the CEREMH (innovation center on mobility and handicap) and Damien Birambeau leader of which is the main portal for reduced mobility accessibility in France, to determine if our application and technology could truly be useful to Persons with Reduced Mobility.

Damien gave us a very encouraging testimony. We also have had engaging talks with the Reduced Mobility mission manager and the Tourism Office from the Mairie de Clichy (a stone throw away from Paris). Thanks to all these people who gave us feedbacks.

We’re trying to make sure that if we work on this, it will be useful to people. So still processing this.