An aha moment?

User experience is a tough unending process

After a good discussion with Bruno Raillard on User Experience (and he tells me this is not his forte, makes me wonder how he is on his forte...) I think we may be on to something interesting.

We’ve been dancing around how to present our app, and which functionalities to push first.

Currently, we offer 3 options to our beta testers:
1- Custom itinerary (adapted to the time you have)
2- Freestyle (just use the map of beautiful places to orient yourself)
3- Top itineraries (the most liked pre calculated itineraries). Turned out, as mentioned in a previous blog post, this approach is too abstract, and unclear.

While discussing with Bruno, at some point he simply asked me to redefine what were the biggest use cases. And it came out like this:
1- I know where I’m going (I just want the best path to go there)
2- Surprise me: I just want a quick stroll near where I am
3- Give me ideas: I want to choose destinations suited to my tastes in a list

So we decided to give this a shot in our new GUI. I’ll post this online when Sebastien has given it a go.

Thanks Bruno for the Xmas gift!