Don’t get lost in algorithms!

These pesky little robots... or angels?

After several good discussions with Jean-Marc Godart (founder of Yourtour and mathematician expert in geo-algorithms) and Valérie Janssens, we have now tested what seemed to us like the most promising algorithms.

It’s about finding how to optimize your itinerary not for speed or distance efficiency, but for time and maximizing the number of points visited.

We’ve tested classic gaming pathfinding algorithms (dijkstra/A*) with tortured heuristics.

We’ve tested Martins, Ant colonies, Traveling-Salesman. We’re now within the orienteering maze (thanks Jean-Marc for pointing us there).

We are taking some combined approaches, because we find that different situations call for different algorithms. Celia may write an article about this if there is an expressed interest for it.

For now, we're finding our way in the maze!