SLP Paris - April's Demo Day

Time to shine

Yesterday evening, the Paris Chapter of the Startup Leadership Program which I participated in had its demo day in Paris, in the beautiful place of the Village by CA.

Over 50 Parisian based investors were present. 7 selected Paris startups among the 36 which participated to the program had 5 minutes to convince. With also 3 SLP fellows from other chapters, Shaun, Ilya and Hernan.

The startups were Cyberwatch, La Grande Serre, Coupon Roller, Pretty Streets (Yay!), Muzic Apps, Skippair, Valwyn and Ticketscloud.

It's the day after and we already have several positive feedbacks and requests for decks.

I want to seize this post's opportunity to deeply thank the SLP for these energetic, interesting, friendly month in the company of great individuals, fellows and organizers.

Organizations as the SLP help entrepreneurs grow, question, and remain positive in the face of inevitable entrepreneurial doubts & adversity. Kudos and appreciation to the whole team.