Testing Pretty Streets, other side of the Atlantic

New York - Tribeca area

The sun is rising on NYC. I’ve been looking at the ceiling for the past 3 hours. I’m obviously jetlagged, but I’m mainly undergoing an attack of bona fide entrepreneurial panic…We’ve never tested our app outside Paris so far: is it going to prove its worth this side of the Atlantic, with a purely algorithm based content?… I give a testing run to the webapp from my bed for now, but I can’t wait trying it in the open. My friend Carine is asleep on the other side of the unit. Well, that is really 4m away in this very cute (but not so large) Tribeca unit.

As the town wakes up, we decide to start the day with a run. Faithful to my Pretty Streets vow, I ask the app for a looping route. Our 'pretty streets finder’ (our home-made, breakthrough algorithm which analyzes the probability of a street to be pleasant for walking) suggests an itinerary that works well, according to Carine who’s lived in Tribeca for a couple of years. The suggested route, which mixes the Hudson riverside and nice streets of Tribeca, makes sense, but is a bit convoluted for a run. Carine suggests we focus on running alongside the Hudson, so I leave it to her for the jog. Ok, nothing beats a local friend after all, not even Pretty Streets.

For now!