Montreal: Beta version available!

A small step for mankind (although…), but a huge step for Pretty Streets

‘Spring' takes on a whole new meaning as I land in Canada. 25 April IS cold here (circa. 2°C or 35°F), but Montreal citizens are so glad to be out of snow after an exceptionally cold winter that they seem totally fine with the weather. My friends Michel and Valérie, with whom I’m staying, actually take me for a PICNIC in a park… Anyhow, people themselves are so warm that I feel very happy to be here.

Benoit calls me with breaking news: the beta version of our app is available for testing. Anyone registering on the site from now will quickly receive an invitation to download it on their smartphone. So if you’re interested in giving it a try, please don’t hesitate, and remember that we’d loooove to get your feedback!

And now I’m off to testing the app in the streets of Montreal and meeting good people. Be in touch!