Boston: Memory Lane

Back on the Freedom Trail

A few years back I lived and worked in Boston. This was a busy, often challenging period of my life. But as I arrived from Montreal into the blooming city, familiar places started to echo on me, with a deep (and slightly unforeseen) attraction.

As I wandered the Leather District, Waterfront, North End, Commons, Back Bay and Beacon Hill, I ended up on bits of the Freedom Trail, and was reminded that this line on the Boston pavement was one of many inspirations for Pretty Streets.

Meeting with old friends and colleagues, whom I could count on to be totally honest with me, I kept on getting the same feedback: it’s a great idea, I would use it, surprised no-one has done it yet. Well, I still think it’s because it’s actually quite hard to do technically at a scalable level, and also because the economics are not obvious. We think we have a good angle on how to solve the 2 sides.

Back on it soon, but first on to a Cape Cod break with my (much) better half Armelle, joining me today on my trip for a couple of weeks. Life is good.