SLP Power

The value of intros

As I came back from Cape Cod, looking forward to go walking the parts of Boston that our Pretty Streets finder selected as great places but that I didn’t know well, or had forgotten (like parts of the South End or Jamaica Plain), a few things happened:

- Startup Leadership Program founder Anupendra Sharma introduced me to the SLP groups of Boston, but also Chicago and San Francisco (my 2 following stops), springing a lot of great contacts. Thanks SLP! As an added bonus I got to visit Lab Central, an amazing SLP fellow initiative to foster biotechno reseach.

- Thanks also to old colleagues and friends, I spoke with truly great people at the Venture Cafe, and got new insights as to user experience as well as on potential partnerships.

- Last but not least on the entrepreneurial excitement scale, Pretty Streets got featured on Betalist and got a great amount of beta sign ups (close to 100) from all over the World. Even before opening the beta, we already received a good amount of suggestions from people, including contribution propositions. I’m just in the process of answering all these!

Now looking forward to starting the open beta. In Paris Benoît, Celia and Thomas are still battling bugs and improving stuff as we get more feedback. Testing Pretty Streets in Chicago is going to be real interesting, as we’ve made strong progress on the Pretty Street finder algorithm, and also on itineraries.

Now on to Logan airport.