Chicago: Keep scratching

Nailing your itch ain’t that easy...

Remember how we said Chicago was to be real interesting for testing?

Well it started tough!

Just when I wanted to start testing, we had an issue as we started cleaning development and production environments. All our images disappeared. And beautiful itineraries stopped working. Damn. It was sorted out swiftly by Benoit and the team. Back to testable a few hours later. But then, as I started exploring this incredible “upstanding City" I had never visited before, I started better identifying and listing what I wasn’t yet finding in Pretty Streets that would help me as a first visitor.

I simply wanted to know what not to miss and what to start with. What I felt I lacked most at the moment was:

- Better key content: we have the best spots, but not all the descriptions yet. Also on top of the 'best around me', we need to add 'the truly unmissable' so we know what the ‘city best of’ is, which you really don’t want to miss. On this City I knew nothing about, this is what I needed.

- Spur of the moment suggestions: we got to the signature bar, at the top of the John Hancock tower, before sunset, on the advice of Scott, our Airbnb host. Having a drink while looking a the sun setting on the Chicago skyline, with fog rising from the lake, was an outstanding experience. Although we do have this point of view located in Pretty Streets, it does not stand out as exceptional - which it truly is - and identifying it is still a bit of a needle in the haystack issue, right when we want to make everything simple.

Overall, Chicago was an amazing tourist experience. Partly thanks to Pretty Streets which helped us find the great areas to walk around Wicker Park for instance, but also thanks to Tripadvisor which complemented it.

Final words: energizing, inspiring Chicago will stay with us as we travel along. We’ll use the identified shortcomings of our app to make it better.