Soft launch of Pretty Streets app

That’s it. The Pretty Streets app is now available! Ok, only in the French app stores (iOS and Android) for now. But we’re beyond getting friends, and friends of friends, to test it out. We got 6 cities in there, Paris, Montreal, New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

Just because these are the cities where I tested it out, directly. So I hope it can now be useful to other people than just me.

We’ve sent the world out to our friends, but also participated to a startup contest this month, the app awards. The funny thing is, although we didn’t win, we’re the only non winner that actually got mentioned on TV, in the important télé matin broadcast. So the concept was likable enough, and also we saw immediate impact on our traffic. Thank you guys!

Now we’re processing the feedbacks. Axel is joining us for 4 months, to work on the user experience, meet our users, and include their feedbacks. Please let us know how we’re doing and what we can improve!