Iterate, iterate..

Since June 30th, we’ve posted no less than 4 versions. UX improvements by the ton (thank you Axel, for your great work), many cities added (French cities, since the app is for now only open for France).

But we’ve actually started receiving nice messages from US residents, like Jake from New York "It is so sad that this app is not available in the US Apple store. Many of us travel extensively and having this app available would be more than appropriate.”.

Ok Jake, we’re working hard to get to the “good enough” level of quality, so we can open in the US app store, the plan is for this Winter!

We’ve also done a dedicated web version in responsive design (image for this post), so you people from everywhere can at least start to use this, just click on the Map button, and give us any feedback you’d like!

And now, on to 2 weeks of nice holidays, Chateaux de la Loire and Italy, out of big cities this time, for a little while. A bientôt !