There’s no business like app business

We’ve been busy. We got some great media (thanks Le Figaro and Lucie Ronfaut for the great article, being on the front (ok, of the economy section) page of one of the major newspapers in France is no mean feat, so we’re proud and happy, and it got us immediately great attention. We also got maddyness, and appnews among others saying kind words about us.

Aaaaaand we also won a European Youth Award,, no less, in the Go Green category. They had this great statement about us, thank you guys: "The Jury thought this was a simple yet elegant application. We really liked the way the app could be visualised in a number of cities with more being added by the week. When judged against other applications, this particular submission stood out as a celebration of all things beautiful in the cities we visit and also those which we are perhaps over familiar with. A neat premise which can be easily envisaged and applied. We could all see ourselves taking a walk with pretty streets in the near future." - EYA Grand Jury Report

Meanwhile, we’re keeping on improving stuff and adding new content. So we have many new cities, in France and Europe.

And we’ve also done our first work for hire derived from our main focus, for something we truly believe in. We’re building, with the good people at the city of Clichy near Paris, an app with an itinerary calculator working for people in wheelchairs. So taking into account which sidewalk is adequate, if there are any blocking points, etc. We hope to test the first version out with volunteers beginning of December!