Who is Pretty Streets

Benoit & Fabrice: two co-founders with a discovery mission:

Like many stories, it all started with a meeting, between Benoit and I (thanks to David Leroy for introducing us). We found out we had the same grand idea of making cities of this world easier to discover, to roam, to enjoy.

And hopefully the right complementarity to make it happen.

Who am I?

Well, i’m Fabrice Gibelin, the initial narrator of this blog (other team members will take part too), the CEO & cofounder of Pretty Streets. We created this startup to help you find your – beautiful – way in cities everywhere. To the question “where should I go to discover this city?”, we will provide a tailor-made answer, based on your location, the time you have, and your tastes and preferences.

Prior to Pretty Streets, I worked since 1997 for fantastic companies such as Blizzard, or the BetClic Everest group, as Marketeer, Product Developer, Strategist, and Operations guy. So, after being an ubergeek (got for a short while the second best ranking at Warcraft II on Kali.net French network), and a gaming professional, I decided it was high time to get out in the world more.

I'm passionate about visiting cities, and hope to help people to enjoy walking more , since I feel it’s the best way to explore and really understand a City.
I have degrees in marketing, international negotiation, project management, am an alum. of the Harvard Business School and a 2014 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Paris. Oh, and aside from walking, I love acting!

Benoit the adventurous CTO

Benoit Germond is the CTO cofounder of Pretty Streets, and an Engineer. Yep, I give that a capital E. In 2005, not even out yet of one of France’s best computer engineering schools (EPITA), he started building stuff. A CMS, diverse apps, and an ancestor of Pretty Streets in 2007, which worked on a PDA connected with a PC in his backpack (not really as practical as he would have liked). He came second best French team of the Microsoft Imagine Cup with this project.

After that he was involved in massively multiplayer online games, like the virtual regatta sailing game, and other games.

Aside from this, Benoit is known for doing stuff out of the ordinary. Like going for a full week “into the wild” with his brother, in complete autonomy in Canadian rivers and forests. Eating only fish. And a little dried fruit. I still wonder which he had for breakfast.

He just loves discovering places, wild, or urban.