Monster Walk & 50 partners

Nope, the Monster Walk has got nothing to do with Halloween. It’s an app evolution, with our idea of the ideal visitor walk in a city. Like the Freedom Trail you can follow in Boston, with a red painted line on the ground, but in the virtual app world. It is monstrous, because sometimes, since we want to go through all the most beautiful spots in the city, the walk can be looooong. We’re starting to add them, city by city, so you will see on the map a visible trail of crumbs to do that great walk in the unknown city you’re in. As usual, let us know what you think, we can improve this with your help.

But this month, we’re also super proud to have been selected by to be part of their accelerated startups. It is very rare that this highly selective accelerator (about 1000 candidates in a year, about 10 selected in the end) chooses a pre-revenue startup like ours. We really are excited to work with these great people.

Oh, and also, at a personal level, I’m proud to have run my first marathon. I didn’t get to use pretty streets for that, but the day before we walked extensively through Amsterdam, using the app. Even though I always keep an eye on things to improve, it was stable, and did its job well. So I ended that weekend double happy, which helped with the run’s aches and pains!