Happy holidays and peace for all

The past few weeks have been amazingly busy. We’re still on our mission to help everyone get the best discovery walks for their taste and time, in cities everywhere.

So we added many new cities. More than 20 actually, so go check them out!

We also added the possibility to create your favorite places (image of the web version illustrating the post), so you can make a shortlist of what you want to view. Very handy when you prepare a visit to a city.

We resumed the work on the Apple Watch. Admittedly, I wasn’t too fond of our first version. It was too slow so I didn’t want to release it. Now the new SDK is out there, and a new watch is probably coming next spring, with ideal timing for great walks, we gotta get ready...

We’re also doing a lot of back of the scene work. Adding many new cities takes a toll on our architecture. And we got to the conclusion that when we reach a hundred cities (and that will come fast) we may hit a wall. So we’re anticipating, and migrating to the Google Data Store. But that’s kind of a lot of work. Not visible to you. Damn.

Finally, two last things to finish the year in style:
1001 startups, one of the best technological blogs in the French scene, selected us among the 40 startups to follow in 2016! That made our day, so thank you guys.

And last but not least, we’ve just opened up the US app store. That was our end of year resolution, to stop being shy, and get ready for some feedback from the most technology advanced country in the world :). So here we come.

In what have been hard days for Paris where we work, we all stand together, and know happy days will come. Fluctuat nec mergitur. And we wish you all very happy holidays.