Pretty Streets New Year Resolutions

It's a new year, it's a new dawn, it's a new life... And we have made a few good resolutions. For a start, we'll start to be more active on social networks. You can already follow us on Facebook and twitter, and we'll work on pinterest and instagram soon, we're long overdue. That's our "let's get the word out" resolution.

Not only that, every week we are adding new cities to our map of beautiful places. So if you miss a city where you would like to spend a weekend with Pretty-Streets, you just have to write to us and we will be more than happy to add it to our list. That's our "let's do this together" resolution.

And from now on, on this blog, we will actually start speaking about our passion: beyond technology, practical, "feet on the sideways" city discovery. What streets and places we liked in particular. We'll also ask for opinions, so if you have some favorite places, let us know. And that's our "Let's share practical tips on this blog" resolution.

I've heard that to be effective, there shouldn't be more than 3 resolutions, so I'll stop now.

But I'll also use this post to introduce Javier, who joined us this month and will boost Pretty Streets visibility with his hands-on marketing skills. We're of course super happy to have him in, although BenoƮt hoped he would also bring sunshine in his suitcase from Barcelona, and that's still up for confirmation at this stage.

Finally, let me extend a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR, to all of you, #CityExplorers

Happy discoveries,