Most pretty streets in Barcelona

  • by Javi Gonzalez Liquete
  • February 11, 2016

Dear city walkers,

As promised a couple of weeks ago, we are going to start posting some (hopefully) useful articles with our selection of the most beautiful streets in the different cities which have their map of beautiful places in Pretty-Streets.

For this first article I will wander in the generally warm and charming streets of Barcelona, Spain, which I love and know well. So I made the following list of places to visit there, to help your city discovery.

As a must see, you can start your walk in "La Rambla", possibly the most famous street in Barcelona. Fair enough, it's not a secret place and you may find it full of tourists looking at the streets shows and animation. But it's fun and worth it. The other most famous one to visit is "Rambla Catalunya", full of tourist restaurants and with big cafes with outdoor seating to enjoy the Spanish weather and in the nearby "Passeig de Gràcia" full of stores, you will find all the international brands in the same street. OK, this one may damage your wallet.

Then to go deep into the old city, we recommend to visit "Passeig del Born" next to the Basilica "Santa Maria del Mar". You will enjoy one of the oldest areas of the city. A lot of unique local shops, hyper creative, with talented people displaying their craftsmanship in their little boutiques. Definitely one of our favorite areas to get lost in. There are other very cool places (as a manner of speaking, in July you will need your bottle of water with you at all times...) in the center, such as the neighborhood called Gothic, where we recommend you to walk around "Carrer Petritxol", where you can test many different types of chocolates, and "Carrer del Pi" close to "La Rambla". At the end of your stroll, you can view the "Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi". If you have time, just take a relaxing glass in a bar around the square and enjoy.

After this, leaving the tourist places of the Ciudad Condal behind us, we move to the district of "Gràcia" one of the most historical and typical districts in Barcelona, and also a cool and fashionable neighborhood, where you can walk around my beloved streets of "Carrer Astúries" or "Carrer Verdi". This last one will be an amazing place to drink a couple of beers during the weekend.

Finally, even though it's not only about beautiful sights, we can't forget one of the most pleasurable things to do it, eating, especially in this Mediterranean city. First of all, these two following places are not "typical for tourist", so you will be able to drink and eat with normal prices, but sometimes you will feel that English language is not helping you much :). One of the best places to have "Tapas" in Barcelona is "Carrer de Blai". They are not free with your drink as in some other Spanish cities, but for a measly 1€ each, you can try as many as you want, with a nice environment around you to boot. The other great place to eat, and close to one of the best beaches in Barcelona, is "Rambla Poble Nou" full of restaurants and terraces, in an old village, nowadays connected with Barcelona since the expansion of the Capital of the region of Catalonia.

Of course, there are lots of other beautiful streets in Barcelona, but this should give you a great start to discover this beautiful city.

And of course, as we said, if you are planning to visit a city not covered by Pretty-Streets yet, let us know so we can start working on it!

We really hope it will be useful for all of you. Let us know how we are doing!

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Happy discovering,


PS: Thanks to Moyan Brenn for his nice photo of la rambla which illustrates this article. Thanks also to the community on Trip Advisor for their inputs on my selection.