Looking for pretty and beautiful streets in Berlin?

  • by Javi Gonzalez Liquete
  • March 15, 2016

It’s Berlin time!

As we continue talking about these pretty streets that we love in each of the cities covered in https://pretty-streets.com/en/prettystreets/, this time we wander in Berlin. So which streets did we find the most beautiful in Berlin? Here’s a stroll through this most historical city full of precious places.

Allow us to start with the most popular streets, right on the beaten tracks. Our first stop is the famous "Unter den Linden". It can undoubtedly be considered as the center of Berlin, known for its many shops and the ever high number of tourists and Berliners constantly walking around.

As we continue in the unmissable ones, the next one is "Kurfürstendamm", one of the ancient avenues of the Federal Germany, the most famous one in the city, known for being a top shopping center. Then moving on to other great avenues of the city, in this case belonging to the former Eastern Democratic Republic of Germany, two of the most impressive avenues are "Frankfurter Allee" and "Karl-Marx-Allee". They both are excellent examples of socialist architecture of the 50s and 60s.

Another interesting boulevard, artistically and for foodies is "Schloss-Strasse" leading to the beautiful Charlottenburg Palace, a wide street with a mix of new and old buildings and trees. In summer, several restaurants have tables outside.

To all Pretty Streets lovers who are thinking of spending time in Berlin and want to choose the most attractive neighborhood to live in, "Prenzlauer Berg" is certainly highly recommended, consisting of dozens of residential streets, large green areas and of course plenty of restaurants and bars that will make your stay truly enjoyable.

For example; one of the most beautiful street in this neighborhood is definitely "Oderbergerstrasse" filled with small colorful houses, lined up in long walks with stores in each door. Another of the most interesting areas to live in is the street "Bleibtreustrasse", from the late-19th-century economic boom, great houses and still comfortable. Furthermore, in this street you can find a wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes. Our last recommendation for neighborhood or area is "Hansaviertel", the location of the Interbau museum and especially the street "Klopstopstrasse", a perfect example of postwar modern style architecture.

After that let’s wander through my personal favorite, the old streets with more charm… One of the best neighborhoods is "Nikolaiviertel", which remains stunning although it was greatly destroyed during World War II and later rebuilt... This is a cobbled medieval district located in the old historic town, and full of atmosphere. It is known among tourists for its medieval streets, its church, several old restaurants and taverns. Especially recommended to visit in the Christmas period, in its greatest splendor.

Now it’s time to go towards these hidden gem streets, where only residents or restless tourists wander… A good example in Berlin is the street "Sophienstrasse" covered in roses and trees on its sides. Its buildings date from the late 19th-century and early 20th-century and it also has a great church in the middle of the street, which will make your trip even more enjoyable. But to wander around the area will reveal more pretty and beautiful streets such as "Mulackstrasse" which has some lovely buildings, also "Steinstrasse" which is so close. And "Linienstrasse" known as the street of the Berlin fashion. Others pretty-streets, such as "Max-Beer-Strasse" and "Almstadtstrasse" are a mix of old and new, the post-war buildings filling the spaces that were destroyed towards the end of the war.

If after all this you’re still looking for beautiful streets to run or walk in Berlin, you definitely have to go on "Strasse des 17" beginning with Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule through Tiergarten park. And if you live in another part of town, "Volkspark Friedrichshain" is well worth running through.

That’s it for now! We hope this personal selection of the most beautiful places of Berlin will be useful for your visits. However, if you want even more detailed local information about Berlin, just go to the map of beautiful places for Berlin on https://pretty-streets.com/en/prettystreets/

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And as always, let us know what you think, and what you find out! Happy discovering,


PS: Thanks to Davis Staedtler for his nice photo of Brandenburg Gate which illustrates this article about Berlin.