So what is Pretty Streets about?

Start with why...

First, we believe in movement and discovery. We believe they are good for the body, and good for the mind.

We believe exposing ourselves to beauty makes us more balanced and happy.

And we believe that the easier it is to go find beauty, the more we are all likely to do it.

The way we live our belief Benoit and I is by walking through our cities, in the most beautiful and engaging places we can find.

We want to help everyone experience this, by providing the only app you can ask to find the optimal walking routes, not optimal for time or efficiency, but for the pleasure of the walk.

We want to give everybody the opportunity not to miss out on the beauty around them.

Get their daily intake of discovery, by providing the best apps to find the optimal walking routes, not optimal in terms of time, but for the pleasure of the walk.

Pretty Streets, landmarks, monuments, parks, pedestrian ways. Based on you, the time you have, where you are, what you like.

We believe discovering a city today takes preparation which is not often fun. And can make you give up the walk or get a not so good experience.

That’s a problem we believe we can solve.

So that’s what pretty streets is about. Be the only app in the world which will suggest a city visit itinerary based on where you are, the time you have, and your preferences.

Let us know your thoughts!

PS: illustration, and intro sentence refer to the famous "Start with why" Ted talk of Simon Sinek. If you don't know it check it out. If you do, chances are you can also check it out again :).