Do we have a problem?

That is, a problem really worth solving?

About City Visits, we have analyzed, to the best of our ability, a mix between our own experiences, results from interviews with people who like walking, both tourists and residents. Always trying to dig: are we trying to solve a real problem? Like real real?

After all, people do manage to visit cities today without our help. But hey, they also could move around before google maps or smartphone came out. So where does that leave us?

People globally enjoy the same things when they visit a city, or go strolling. Great places. Major “do not miss” on first visits. Special “experience” places. Picturesque streets. Quiet, and authentic places. They just like a good stroll.

They mostly don’t enjoy preparation, reading guides, making long lists of things to see and preparing maps. Some do, and enjoy reading guides. These ones are not our target. Just like the ones who’d never use a smartphone for orientation.

But overall, when we asked 100 people, after a short discussion about how much they walk in cities, if they would be interested in a free application which would suggest an interesting path based on their available time, tastes, and location, 85% said yes. 15% were like “nope, I want to walk randomly and get completely lost”.

So at this stage, it seems we have a problem worth solving. But we’re still digging.

Thanks also to the students from the Espeme business school in Lille for their help in asking the over 100 people and providing us with additional feedback and insights.

Since I need to improved my customer development abilities. Currently reading Lean Customer Development from Cindy Alvarez. Kudos Cindy for this very clearly written book.