Question: What is it you do?

Answer: We have this vision, we want to help people find beautiful itineraries. Not fast ones, beautiful ones. As far as we know, we’re the only ones who do this. Also we can maximize a looping route, to have you walk through the optimal number of interesting and beautiful places, according to the time you set.

Question: What are pretty streets?

Answer: Good question! Tough. Pretty is such a loose term right. And beauty in the eye of etc… Well, for us, a pretty street is one we’d like to walk in. Because it’s leafy. Or because it has a view. Or some street arts. Or some great shops. Or some interesting architecture. We’ve thought on this. We don't think there's a perfect answer, but we like when friends point us to the Pretty Streets. We’ve posted about this on our blog, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think it should be!

Question: How do you know where the good places to go are?

Answer: Although we prefer to be out in the world, we’re also data geeks. In order to scale up to all the big cities soon, we go through tons of open data (monuments, shops, restaurants, pedestrian areas, geo-located photos, and more…) to determine where it’s interesting to walk. Won’t work all the time. You’ll be the best judges, you can rate down a place which shouldn’t be here, or add up a missing place. We can build this together.

Question: Which cities do you cover?

Answer: It’s going to change all the time. Right now we’re in closed beta, and it’s just Paris, (we live here, and incidentally it’s the most visited city in the world :). And also New York, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco. We walked in all of these! We’re adding Dublin, and soon London. Because we also have week ends. Then, our technology should be ready for us to open new cities on a 48 hours notice. So we’ll ask you which city should be next!

Question: How are you different from a normal guide?

Answer: You don’t need to pre-read. We’re the spur of the moment type. Tell us what you want, the time you have, and you’re in. Ah, also we are free.

Question: Can I participate?

Answer: That would be fantastic. We already love you. Just register :).